Frequently Asked Questions

What Materials Do You Use?

- I paint with 100% acrylic paint on superior stretched cotton canvases. The canvases are triple coated with primer. The finished work is then coated with a non-toxic gel that makes it water and UV protected.

If I Have an Idea For a Custom Ordered Painting, What is the Next Step?

- I like to speak to my customers and get a sense of what they want the painting to look like. A picture of the child's room also helps to ensure a better color match-up. I sketch several ideas first and allow the customer to choose the final design. After I am finished with the piece I send a few pictures of it so that the customer can see the finished product before it is mailed. Custom work is generally priced differently than gallery art. Pricing is dependant of the size of the canvas so a price quote is easily obtainable.

What if I Order a Painting and it isn't Quite What I had in Mind?

- Sometimes art can look different in person than on the computer. I want the customer to love the work and to be happy with their purchase. It will last as a keepsake for generations after all. So if there is a problem with the final piece I am happy to discuss different options.

Can I Suggest a Painting?

- Of course! I am always looking for new directions and new challenges.

How Do I Order Silhouettes?

- A silhouette is a great piece of art that will become a family treasure. It goes with any bedroom theme and is forever age appropriate. All I need is a digital profile picture of your child. It is that easy! (NOTE: Sometimes the image has to be altered slightly for it to translate well on the canvas such as smoothing out hair or changing the angle of the neck. Any alterations will be discussed prior to payment.)

How Long Will it Take to Get My Art?

- I hold my art to high standards and do not like to send it off until I think it is perfect. Because of this it can take a week or two for the piece to be finished. Completion of work also depends on how many other orders I have at the time.

What is "Kids' Corner"?

- My daughter, Isabel, is an art fanatic and my biggest fan. She has started painting so I thought it would be nice to display some of her art as well. I have loved seeing her imagination blossom as she becomes more confident in her talent.

Can I Submit My Own Child's Art to "Kids' Corner"?

- Yes! If you have a little one that loves to create works of art, send a digital image to with some information on the young artist and I will be happy to display their art alongside mine.

When Will Prints Become Available?

- I get asked this question a lot! I am still working on making prints a reality. Bear with me! It should hopefully be an option within the coming weeks.

Can eyecandy4kids be purchased in stores?

- Yes, currently my work can be found in the Kansas City MO boutique, The Little House.

How Much is Shipping?

-You can find the shipping & handling rates on the right side of my blog under "Shipping and Handling".